strange wine error

DJ Lucas dj_me at
Thu Aug 1 23:24:04 PDT 2002

"Tushar Teredesai"  wrote in message
> The -O3 are the flags that were set when Perl was compiled. Check out
> the following thread for more information.
> The fix is also available in the same thread.
> this what that thread was about?  If you got a copy of the
source lying around, I don't right now, but it only happens in this
directory.  Check what I said above.  It's either the first or second
line in winetest/Makefile  something to the effect IIRC of
SomeLdFlagsVariable='-somelib -someotherlib -somethingelse $CFLAGS'  or
something  to that effect.  I simply removed the CFLAGS or the commented
the line..It's been quite a while since I did that tho, and I don't have
the source handy to check it out.  No wait..LDFLAGS includes the
variable ccflags..thats what it was..don't know why, but remove the
ccflags from the Second line in the Makefile and it compiles fine.  This
seemed to be quite obviously a mistake to me...why would ccflags variabe
be put in LDFLAGS???  Is this definately a problem with perl?  I
guestimated it to be a configure script problem in that dir.  I'll go
back and read the thread agian.



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