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Declan Moriarty declan.moriarty at
Fri Aug 2 06:00:38 PDT 2002

Was it Ripalda-Marin, Miguel-Angel who wrote on Friday 02 August 2002 11:25:
> I would like not having to ask for it but... can anyone give me advice
> about the 'best' win emulator for linux? I'm thinking about these ones:
> how stable are they?

I researched this a while back. I came away with 3

wine - fine if you have the ability/patience to make it work (I don't)

Before thinking of any  commercial ones, I was told to get 256Megs at least. 
I did. The old m/b only sees 128MB of it :-(. A hardware issue.

win4lin -  better at emulating win98
vmware  - better generally (e.g. I need Dos for some apps.)

I did try the 30 day version of vmware. It went together well, set up & ran, 
but was s l o w. I have a fairly slow m/c (k6-500 & 64 MB at the time)


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