Problem compiling kdebase

Willem Oldeman blfs at
Fri Aug 2 16:49:09 PDT 2002

I bumped into the same problem a few weeks ago. Trying to execute 
/opt/kde302/bin/kde-config also gave me the segfault.
In my case it had to do with objprelink and/or gcc optimisation level.
(From my rusty memory I recall that I went back to compiling with -O2 and 
without objprelink).

- Willem

On Thursday 01 August 2002 02:36, Gabriel Munoz wrote:
> BLFS support,
> I'm in the middle of compiling kde and my compilation of kdebase
> returned the following configure error:
> checking for rpath... yes
> checking for KDE... libraries /opt/kde302/lib, headers /opt/kde302/include
> checking for KDE paths... defaults
> checking for dcopidl... /opt/kde302/bin/dcopidl
> checking for dcopidl2cpp... /opt/kde302/bin/dcopidl2cpp
> checking for mcopidl... /opt/kde302/bin/mcopidl
> checking for artsc-config... /opt/kde302/bin/artsc-config
> checking for kde-config... /opt/kde302/bin/kde-config
> checking for meinproc... /opt/kde302/bin/meinproc
> configure: error: /opt/kde302/bin/kde-config --prefix outputed the non
> existant
> prefix '' for kdelibs.
>              This means it has been moved since you installed it.
> 	    This won't work. Please recompile kdelibs for
> 	    the new prefix.
> I am recompiling kdelibs right now but I wasn't sure as to what I did
> wrong because I installed kdelibs with no errors. However I executed
> /opt/kde302/bin/kde-config --prefix and it gave me a segmentation fault.
> Any ideas or suggestions for this problem? Should recompiling kdelibs
> fix this problem?
> -Gabe Munoz

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