Top do not work

maloUMA chernoglot at
Sat Aug 3 03:32:24 PDT 2002

Hello list!
Maybe my problem is not so important,but,in other hand,maybe somebody know the solution?
Then I try to run "top" in bash promt:

[maloUMA at CHerNoGLoT maloUMA]$ top

no matter is it in Konsole,xterm or in the virtual terminal,I get nothing but clear screen and I can't see what I am
printing anymore-screen output is not work well(do not know how to tell in English,sorry)
Then I use "-b" option to use top in batch mode,it give me this:

[maloUMA at CHerNoGLoT maloUMA]$ top -b

bad data in /proc/uptime
bad data in /proc/loadavg

And nothing more.Guess,maybe something wrong with my kernel(2.4.18)
Who knows where is an error?How can I fix wrong data in /proc?
Thank you!

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