XFree86 and Radeon

Mike Labriola mike.labriola at clarksonalumni.com
Sat Aug 3 16:11:05 PDT 2002

Ron Keller wrote:
> On Saturday 03 August 2002 02:08 pm, you wrote:
>  [snip]
> At this point, all I have on this machine is a basic lfs-cvs 
> system plus a few libraries (zlib,libmng,libpng,lcms,etc) and 
> XFree86-4.2.0  and ALSA.  I wanted to get the vid card working 
> before tackling KDE.   According to what's inmy .xinitrc file, I 
> presume I am using the twm window manager
>>what window manager are you using?  any desktop environment?
>>(gnome/kde) these can all have pretty severe effects if
>>they're not set up correctly...
> What takes 20 seconds is that from the console it takes 20 
> seconds from issuing the startx command until X actually starts. 
>  Does this give you an idea of what's happening?
>>also, what part is taking 20 seconds?  does it sit on the text
>>console for 20 seconds and then flash into x?  or does it
>>flash into x, pause for 20 seconds, and then load your window
>>manager really slowly...?
>>i have a dual 1.2Gghz amd athlon mp box with a radeon ddr 64
>>vivo and it doesn't take anywhere near that long to start.  in
>>fact, if i'm just using blackbox for my window manager, x
>>starts up completely almost immediately.  i believe i'm using
>>xfree-4.2 with nicelu accelerated dri...  but it was quite a
>>while ago when i installed it.

hmm...  that definately doesn't sound right.  with the system specs you've 
described, x should start right up rather quickly.  i'm not entirely sure what 
the differences are between the Radeon DDR 64 VIVO and the Radeon 8500 LE, but i 
can't imagine that it would be causing that severe a slow down...  does it use 
the radeon.o kernel driver?

well, barring some unforseen difference between our video cards, i would say 
something is not set up right.  ;-)  (i bet you knew that...)

now we just have to figure out what it is...

did you compile and install x from source or install precompiled binaries?

what's your XF86Config file look like?


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