XFree86 and Radeon

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Sun Aug 4 08:42:52 PDT 2002

Simon Comeau Martel wrote:

>>>/etc/hosts ==> localhost.localdomain localhost
>>>/etc/sysconfig/network ==> HOSTNAME=Celeron
>>>/bin/hostname -f ==> hostname: Unknow host
>>Second, you need to have an entry in /etc/hosts that ties the hostname 
>>to your IP address.  For example:
>>  celeron.domain.net celeron
>>Note: hostname -f picks up the FQDN from /etc/hosts so you need both the 
>>FQDN and the local (short) name in the hosts file.
>I noticed that when I run /bin/hostname I get ==> Celeron
>But if I add -f (/bin/hostname -f) I get the previous error message ==> hostname: Unknow host
>I tried to add a line in /etc/hosts but that didnt change anyting ==> localhost.localdomain Celeron
>Sory for my stupidity, but I have a big problem to understand how all this work...
The line you entered is wrong.  Make it like I said above.  Do not use 
  -- Bruce

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