XFree86 and Radeon

Mike Labriola mike.labriola at clarksonalumni.com
Sun Aug 4 14:07:43 PDT 2002

Ron Keller wrote:
> I noticed that the DRI instructions in the BLFS book state that 
> the video card(s) should be built as modules in the kernel.  
> What about DRM?  I think it was Mr Labriola who said that the 
> only way he got DRI to work was to compile DRM as a module as 
> well.  Comments?
> RK

yup, my experience was that it ONLY worked when your drm and agpgart are built 
as modules. (radeon.o is the radeon drm module)  this may have something to do 
with my particular hardware, though...  actually...  now that i think back about 
it, i was building agpgart as a module last year because my motherboard wasn't 
completely supported by agpgart when i bought it and i had to mess around with 
some options when loading the module.  so you might only have to build drm as a 
module (this means putting a Y in "Direct Rendering Manager" and an M in "ATI 
Radeon" in your kernel config)


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