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Mon Aug 5 18:31:17 PDT 2002

Mark Williams (MWP wrote:

>> ""Mark Williams (MWP)""  wrote in message
>> > Hi all,
>> >
>> > I need to use a sound processing app that only supports ALSA.
>> > The problem is my sound card (Aureal) is only suported by OSS.
>> >
>> > Is there any way i can make this work?
>> >
>> > Thanks,
>> >  MWP
>> You didn't specifically mention which Aureal card it is but I'm
>> suspecting that this is an older card?
> Nope.  Its an Aureal Vortex2 SQ2500 (AU8830 chipset), the last card they
> made before getting bought out by Creative (grrrr).

So luck for the Aureal. They never released programming specs. Neither will 
Creative, even though the card is dead.
>> If so your using an app, especially if it only > supports ALSA, that
>> pobably
>> would benefit greatly from having a better > soundcard.  I can get OEM
>> SBLive! 5.1's here in STL (dependant seemingly on > the time of the
>> month) for 28-36
>> USD each.  So not that expensive to > upgrade.
> Heh... a SB Live! is never an upgrade, neither is a Audigy.
>> OTOH if My speculation above is wrong and this is a newer card,
>> then I have no suggestion for ya...check and see if
>> there are plans to include it on down the line.  I remember waiting about
>> a whole month for ALSA to add support for the SBLive! so hopefully
>> they'll add support for this case as well.
> Nope. No open source drivers are avaliable. The only linux driver for it
> is a closed-source OSS module.

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