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Tue Aug 6 14:22:33 PDT 2002

On August 6, 2002 05:00 pm, you wrote:
> Any suggestions for something like this?  Right now the site is ASP on
> Win2k and I am converting it to LAMP : )  For win2k I use the M$ Indexing
> server and it works well to just index the contents of the files under the
> website.

Can anybody view a part of your site without being logged in (say can I just 
go and browse public areas)? If so, you could use aspseek nicely. Just tell 
it what URL to start from and it'll spider whatever it's allowed to. You can 
even tell aspseek to login to certain sites by giving it a username and 
password to use (works best with HTTP server based authentication, not custom 
login modules that you create yourself).

If not, htdig can be used to index files directly on the harddisk without the 
use of an URL. Just tell it what directory on your harddisk to start and 
it'll index all the files in that directly and subdirectories. I believe you 
can tell htdig to limit things like "don't enter this directory" and so on. I  
haven't used htdig in a very long time so I can't be of help there. However I 
do use ASPseek on so if you have any 
questions, feel free to ask.

Btw, using aspseek recommends a database server such as MySQL or Postgres. 
It'll improve performance greatly.

Gerard Beekmans

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