Linux clustering, seeking advice...

Hutchinson, Daniel (SETA CTR) dan.hutchinson.contractor at
Wed Aug 7 13:21:04 PDT 2002

i went to OpenMosix to get an understanding of the load balancing. Here are
a few links that hope will help  Good to explain load balancing processor

This explains about Clustering in the Linux Terminal Server Project( Close
to a mainframe with dumb terminals that have Graphical User Interfaces)

Dan H

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Hi all --

I'm starting to explore using Linux (hopefully LFS systems) for clustering
and I'm feeling awfully drowned in geeky resources that aren't curing my
immediate need for basic concepts.  I've been trying to read up on Beowulf
and other such clustering but I'm finding that I don't understand enough of
the basic principals of clustering to find most of the write-ups useful.
I've also been shocked to see all of the different packages/projects that
exist for doing such tasks.  My ignorant little self was under the
impression that Beowulf was it, now I'm experiencing sticker shock.
Additionally, I guess I need to understand more of the subsystems that are

I've been searching and so far LCIC
<>  seems to have the most robust amount of links,
but they don't seem to have any good "for beginners/dummies" type resources.
Could anyone refer me to a good starting point for this?  Something that
would help me to understand some of the fundamentals of clustering, such as
the conceptual differences/advantages/disadvantages to HA-vs-Load
Balancing-vs-Computational Clustering?  Something that would introduce me to
the different subsystems, process management, state sharing, etc?

Thanks all for any help/recommendations you can make.  I figure I could just
run to RedHat, buy their clustering capable distro and pull a MS style
implementation out of my rear w/o understanding what I'm doing, but then
again, I could also shoot myself in the foot for the cost of a single round.

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