Sizeproblem ext2 while saving files on reiser

R. Bosch at
Wed Aug 7 14:36:52 PDT 2002

Ok, got dumb this evening and managed to loose ALL my mp3's and picture collection...

I had a mount --bind to make a kind of loop, and forgot about it while makeing LFS...
yet it failed, so I deleted the tree and wanted to start over, when [rm] said that there was an error in my filesystem. Thankfully it did not deleted ALL my data, but enough to anoy my big time and force me to grep through the file system to recover text/binary files... :.-(
This on a space of 10GB!! 

I just entered the time that I thought about making a back and just finished with 1!! cd.

I was then making an image of that wrecked filesystem when I got an I/O error. The file was little bigger than 2gig so I checked the kind of filesystem there - I did not rmember.
ext2 wa the answer where I cursed the lot to gether. I thought the limit was much larger than 2G.


Is there an undelete scheme around for reiser I missed while searching?

Is ext2 realy retarded that the limit is still 2G?

Thanks in advance for any sugestions (no backing-up jokes PLEASE :.-(  )


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