Sizeproblem ext2 while saving files on reiser

Declan Moriarty declan.moriarty at
Thu Aug 8 02:30:25 PDT 2002

Was it R. Bosch who wrote on Wednesday 07 August 2002 22:36:
[snip sad tale of woe]

Like every kid cuts his own hair once with disastrous results, you're allowed 
one of those in your life. You've used that up now ;-). Next time we slag you 
> Is there an undelete scheme around for reiser I missed while searching?

Not that I know of. You still have hex editors. 
> Is ext2 realy retarded that the limit is still 2G?

No. I have 3 gig partitions. It all depends on the lies you tell to the ide 
interface. The only existing 2 gig limit afaik was with the 'large' disk 
access mode. Since linux doesn't use the bios anyhow, this is acedemic. I 
presume you're on chs or the older lba. It does cause me to wonder how big 
does fdisk think the partition is. It was screwed up, remember.
> Thanks in advance for any sugestions (no backing-up jokes PLEASE :.-(  )


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