Sizeproblem ext2 while saving files on reiser

Andrew Calkin calkina at
Thu Aug 8 01:07:28 PDT 2002

> > Is ext2 realy retarded that the limit is still 2G?
If you mean the maximum file size limit, I had this problem once. If i 
remember correctly, I tried to dd 4 cd's worth of partial files i made on 
another system together. The resulting tar file would have been 2.2Gb, but I 
reached the 2Gb limit and it gave an error msg and stopped. IIRC, it was not 
an issue with ext2 fs, but instead a kernel option. I got the src's for 
2.4.18, compiled with "support file sizes >2Gb" (i cannot remember the exact 
option) on, and I was allowed to make the 2.2Gb tar file. 

Hope this helps,
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