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Richard Jenniss RichardJenniss at
Thu Aug 8 01:37:55 PDT 2002

Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to the Linux arena. I've discovered a great many things except a few.
I'm looking for solutions to these following problems. Problems I feel other Windows-to-Linux users may encounter.

I am unable to click on URLS from one application, as I could in windows, to open up the location in my browser.
I really miss this feature. (or bug to some I asume.)

XMMS and other multimedia players. 
What about shell extensions, such as "enque in xmms" or "play in Xmms" currently I use KDE, if their are other (desktop manager?) desktop managers that offer this, please let me know (:
Adding other shell extensions would be great too

The Universal (cut, copy and paste) using hot keys. I use this extensively in windows. I have difficulty doing this in Linux on occasion. Some applications don't copy, some don't allow the hot keys. A real bummer, inmho.

Using X, I'd like to Auto probe my monitor, as I'm really not sure as to what configurations to use for it.
This would be awesome.

Advanced Power Management.
I'm not wealthy, I'd like to save on my power bill by turning off my monitor if I leave unexpectedly for an undisired amount of time. Spinning down Hard-disks, suspend, and suspend to disk would be all awesome features I would love to discover!

Printing. I'm as new as new can get to Linux  Printing. I believe you need CUPS ? is CUPS a layer of sorts to interface with various printers and programs? Do I need ghost script? I have no idea.
I have a scanner as well, I'm not sure where to look, or what software to use.

Is that all?
For the time being, (: Enjoying the new world.
Richard Jenniss.
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