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Thu Aug 8 08:14:11 PDT 2002

On August 8, 2002 04:37 am, Richard Jenniss wrote:
> XMMS and other multimedia players.
> Shoutcast?
> What about shell extensions, such as "enque in xmms" or "play in Xmms"
> currently I use KDE, if their are other (desktop manager?) desktop managers
> that offer this, please let me know (: Adding other shell extensions would
> be great too

KDE offers that by default (enque and play in xmms) if xmms was detected when 
you installed KDE. If not you can simply add it. Start Konqueror and browse a 
directory that contains MP3 files. Right click on a file, click on "edit file 
type" and there you can add more things that you want to be able to do with 
that file. Enqueing in xmms is done by adding a new entry that runs this 
command: "xmms %F -e"

> The Universal (cut, copy and paste) using hot keys. I use this extensively
> in windows. I have difficulty doing this in Linux on occasion. Some
> applications don't copy, some don't allow the hot keys. A real bummer,
> inmho.

True. It only works in programs that are programmed that way. Most KDE apps 
will be able to use it, but that's never a guarantee. The universal way to 
copy and paste in Linux (or more to the point in XFree86 environments) is 
highlight what you want to copy, then click the middle mouse button to paste 
it. That's how X does it, so it'll work in any X based application. KDE will 
offer the CTRL+C CTRL+V and such known hotkeys but only for native KDE apps.

> Printing. I'm as new as new can get to Linux  Printing. I believe you need
> CUPS ? is CUPS a layer of sorts to interface with various printers and

CUPS is a printing system. You tell programs to run a program from the cups 
package (such as lpr) and it'll go through the CUPS system and to your 
printer. Just install it, read the docs. It's all pretty straight forward as 
long as your printer is supported.

> programs? Do I need ghost script? I have no idea. I have a scanner as well,
> I'm not sure where to look, or what software to use.

Try the SANE package. As long as your scanner is supported (their website has 
a list of supported scanners) it'll be piece-of-cake:

Gerard Beekmans

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