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Richard Jenniss a écrit:
> On Thu, 8 Aug 2002 11:14:11 -0400
> Gerard Beekmans <gerard at> wrote:
>>On August 8, 2002 04:37 am, Richard Jenniss wrote:
> The only thing I have left to work towards is power management!
There is to my opinion a lot to be done in this area for the whole Linux 
As far as I know :
- there are DPMS features coded into X-Window. If your monitor supports 
DPMS, you can specify "blank / suspend / sleep" modes and durations.
To check, open a shell and run "xset q". This will will [q]uery the 
various modes your X-Window display currently runs with (look for 
'DPMS'). You can adjust these parameters manually with "xset" options 
(run "xset --help" to see them). It is also possible to pass them to the 
X 'server' on startup, check "XFree86 --help". However, you will have to 
check how your X-server is started (usually through /etc/X11/xdm/Xserver 
if you bootup with xdm)
- For the disks spinning down, you will need a supplemental 'user-mode' 
software with a daemon called "apmd". However, this also needs 
configuration in your kernel config. If you are new to Linux, it can be 
tricky to adjust / compile / boot your kernel. You should read docs 
before attempting this (see and the 'kernel HowTo' 
at least).
Maybe the "kernel-mode" APM is already configured in your current 
kernel. If it is and works OK, then your computer (if your motherboard 
supports it) will (most often) power-off when you do a "shutdown" or 
"init 0", after the last 'Power Down' message.
- For the 'ACPI/S3' "save-to-disk and sleep", this is still 
work-in-progress. There have been patches for this (one famous is known 
as "swsup" for software suspend), but this would require even more 
kernel work.


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