Why can't I connect to www.rwth-aachen.de

Richard Lightman richard at nezumi.plus.com
Fri Aug 9 06:29:08 PDT 2002

* the_hoink at gmx.net <the_hoink at gmx.net> [2002-08-09 14:22]:
> Hello list,
> well I have a strange problem with the webpage www.rwth-aachen.de (also
> with www.nvidia.com).
> Any Browser (I tried galeon, mozilla, lynx, dillo so I don't think it's
> the broswer's fault) says unable connect to remote host. Other sites are
> OK.
> With Gentoo, Debian and RedHat I have no problem with those sites so I
> think this must have something to do with LFS, but I have simply no idea
> what.
> So if you an idea what's wrong, pleast tell me.
I have no trouble getting to them with lynx on an LFS system. Try:

If these work, then the problem is with name resolution.

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