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Fri Aug 9 08:33:50 PDT 2002

On Fri, Aug 09, 2002 at 12:29:04AM -0700, adam bozanich wrote:
> Hi everybody. I am attempting to set up xfree86 on my lfs and am having some 
> problems. When I try to test the XF86Config.new file, everything comes up 
> o.k., but then the screen never changes and i have to do ctrl+alt+del to 
> get out. Here's the lines from the log file which have warnings:

How about ctrl-alt-backspace? The screen is supposed to be a grainy grey
with a big X in the middle for the mouse pointer. No window manager
should pop up.

> Also, (this is wierd, because it used to not happen) it seems like I don't 
> have the mouse settings entered correctly, because the cursor does not act 
> right.  It goes to the top right when i move it and sporatically moves a 
> little.  I think it's a problem in the script, but i can't pinpoint it.  
> Can anyone help?  here's the mouse part of my XF86Config.new file: (i have 
> a compaq presario, /dev/psaux, and i guess PS/2? with gpm, i used imps2 but 
> xf86 wouldn't recognise that setting)

I've had tons of problems with that. GPM was screwing it up. Even for X.
If it's 3 button, it should (usually) be "IMPS/2". Note the grammar, it
may make a difference. If you still have it jumping to the top right,
kill X, kill GPM, startx again. GPM is buggy at best. It either works or
doesn't. I have the same mouse, mobo, cpu, proc on 2 systems where the
same version (from the same download) works on one and not the other.
Even copying the working binary over doesn't work. On that machine I
had to make sure gpm wasn't running before I started X.

Of course, that memory warning might be the root of all problems? Not


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