/etc/ppp/ip-up not working

Declan Moriarty declan.moriarty at ntlworld.ie
Fri Aug 9 09:41:50 PDT 2002

Was it Mark Ellis who wrote on Friday 09 August 2002 15:19:
> On 2002.08.09 12:25 Daniel Brewer wrote:
> > Kernel = 2.4.18
> > pppd = 2.4.1
> >
> > What kernel and pppd version are you using ?
> I'm only on ppp 2.4.0, you'd presume they'd fix it rather than make it
> worse, but who knows :)

Can I make a suggestion here? Anyone who tries to figure out pppd in these 
parts and tries to train it usually ends up in a home for the bewildered. It 
comes somewhere between 'acid' (LSD) and heroin in brain wrecking capability. 
There is, however, a pppd list run, I think, from vger.kernel.org using 
majordomo iirc. try 'lists in the body of an e-mail to 
majordomo at vger.kernel.org. I had to get on to it when pppd broke 
compatability with earlier versions some time back, and some nice guy even 
wrote a patch for my machine! Guys understand this stuff there, and find 
their life's fullfillment in helping others out. 

I try to pretend pppd isn't there - it's wvdial or suchlike that I talk to. 


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