Please guide me in alsa installation? Success.

Seng Huat Yeoh stanleyshyeoh at
Fri Aug 9 13:23:52 PDT 2002


Finally, it works.   Here are some of the steps I went through after my 
failed installation from BLFS book's.

Having been reminded of devfs,  I went into the kernel and deselected:
File System -> /dev/pts file system for Unix98 PTYs
I have no idea what is does nor if it did caused any trouble but it was 
initially compiled into the kernel.

As Mark suggested,  I omitted --with-moddir from BLFS book's Alsa 
'Installation of the driver' hence:

   ./configure \
   --with-kernel=/usr/src/linux-2.4.19 \
   --with-sequencer=yes --with-oss=yes \
   --with-cards=via8233 &&
   make &&
   make install

Next, I made a change to the second command and added a third command to the 
/dev/sndstat section:
   rm /dev/sndstat
   ln -s /proc/asound/oss/sndstat /dev/sndstat
   chmod a+rw /dev/sndstat

Now this is what really made it worked I suppose.   In /etc/modules.conf 
file,  I used:

   alias snd-card-0 snd-via8233

instead of the book's:

   alias snd-card-0 snd-card-via8233

Restarted XMMS,  played a song and no warning messages.   No sound at this 
point either until 'alsamixer' was run and unmuting some outputs.

Thanks Mark.   Yea!  Funky alright.   ALSA *shrug* ...

Stanley Yeoh

>>>I went through alsa's installation in the BLFS book.   However,  XMMS 
>>>still unable to detect my soundcard.   I'm using an MSI KT333-Ultra mobo 
>>>with VT8233a southbridge.
>>Unable to detect ? Whats the message ?
>XMMS pops up "Couldn't open audio" window saying:
>Please check that:
>1. You have the correct output plugin selected
>2. No other programs is blocking the soundcard
>3. Your soundcard is configured properly
>Well I included the result when running 'lsmod' after this warning appeared 
>if it helps:
>Module            Used by     Tainted: P
>snd-pcm-oss       37284  0 (autoclean) (unused)
>snd-pcm           54048  0 (autoclean) [snd-pcm-oss]
>snd-timer         11104  0 (autoclean) [snd-pcm]
>snd-mixer-oss     11104  0 (autoclean) [snd-pcm-oss]
>snd               27432  0 (autoclean) [snd-pcm-oss snd-pcm snd-timer 
>soundcore          3940  0 (autoclean) [snd]
>>>1) Before installation,  I've checked that my kernel has,
>>><M> Sound card support
>>><M> OSS sound modules
>>You don't need the second, probably doesnt matter but it might complicate
>>the issue.
>Alright I made the changes.   The 'Sound' section in my kernel 
>configuration now only has:
><M> Sound card support
>>>2) I proceed to install the driver with:
>>>./configure \
>>>    --with-moddir=/lib/modules/2.4.19/kernel/drivers/sound/ \
>>>	--with-kernel=/usr/src/linux-2.4.19 \
>>>	--with-sequencer=yes --with-oss=yes \
>>>	--with-cards=via8233 &&
>>Leave out the --with-moddir, you shouldn't need it and i'm not sure its
>>>make &&
>>>make install
>>>3) Modified /etc/modules.conf and substituted <soundcard> with via8233.   
>>>I skipped the /etc/rc.d/init.d/alsa and /etc/sysconfig/alsa scripts 
>>>altogether and ignored creating symlinks in rc.#.d directories.
>>>4) Ran ./snddevices
>>Static /dev or are you using devfs ?
>I'm unfamiliar with devfs but I assume it was something during "Creating 
>devices (Makedev-1.5) from the LFS book?   Devpts?   I went with the 
>recommended option having all devices created.   That's using static /dev 
>>>5) Installing alsa-lib and alsa-utils.   Did not install alsa-oss-lib and 
>>>also-tools because I couldn't run ./configure in both of their source 
>>>6) Configure alsa by making symlinks /dev/sndstat->/proc/asound/sndstat.  
>>>  Finally chmod-ed device permissions.
>>>I basically followed the alsa installation in blfs.   Am I missing 
>>>something?   If there's anything helpful I've yet to provide,  let me 
>>>know.   I know I'm missing alot of things.
>>Alsa setup is always funky.
>Stanley Yeoh

Stanley Yeoh

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