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I 'll repeat what I think you said you did,
so as to be sure I have it straight, let me know if I got it right,
and I will issue a word of caution, because if I have misunderstood,
I could 'disable' your system, unless you have an MBR backup
with bootable floppy diskette with mbr repair program.

You originally booted from HDA with Mandrake, installed
LFS on HDB, configured and installed lilo on HDB, disconnected
HDA, moved HDB to HDA position in SCSI or EIDE chain, and rebooted,
which resulted in, after POST (power-on-self-test) successful, a series of
0s & 1s
displaying on the monitor, which I think from memory
( which is getting quite old & failing!) stops after about a series of about
1/2 line?
Please let me know if I got it right.
        Anyhow, what you have got is some sort of corruption of the MBR on
probably brought about by the fact the install of LILO onto HDB was done
a session of HDA as master/MBR control device. What I would do, is boot
the system from  a floppy with HDB in the 'master' positon, and install LILO
from the floppy, shouldn't have to worry about lilo.conf, but recopy
shouldn't hurt.


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> Hey all,
> when talking about LILO it normally is
> a LFS-problem and not a BLFS, but I might
> disagree in this case :)
> To install LFS, I used another harddisk (hdb) than
> my original one (Mandrake-hda). And by
> followring the instructions from LFS I got
> Mandrake's LILO to work, and can boot into
> my LFS-system.
> Now I want to unplug the mandrake harddisk
> and run LFS on my computer without the help
> of mandrake.
> I made a bootdisk (from the grub-bootdisk-hint)
> and it boots nicely into the system.
> Next step was to setup lilo.conf and run lilo.
> When I then rebooted, I am seeing a lot of 1 and 0s, and
> the system stops.
> anybody knows how to solve me out of that problem, should
> I change master boot record or something?
> sincerly
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