J2SDK 1.4.0: SEGV

Richard rgollub at uninet.com.br
Sat Aug 10 18:35:15 PDT 2002

Greg Schafer wrote:
> -march=pentiumpro  is equivalent to  -march=i686

	Did my homework again, with the right level of caffeine, and by
re-reading the man page, herein quoted,

       Intel 386 Options

       These -m options are defined for the i386 family of computers:

           Assume the defaults for the machine type cpu-type when
scheduling instructions.  The choices for cpu-type are i386, i486, i586,
i686, pentium, pentiumpro, k6, and athlon

           While picking a specific cpu-type will schedule things
appropriately for that particular chip, the compiler will not generate
any code that does not run on the i386 without the -march=cpu-type
option being used.  i586 is equivalent to pentium and i686 is equivalent
to pentiumpro.  k6 is the AMD chip as opposed to the Intel ones.

           Generate instructions for the machine type cpu-type.  The
choices for cpu-type are the same as for -mcpu.  Moreover, specifying
-march=cpu-type implies -mcpu=cpu-type.


	guess what? You're right...again! :)

	Nevertheless, will re-compile with CFLAGS explicitly demanding
-march=i686 and see what comes out from this hat, this turn...

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