Error that keeps creeping up

Rene rene.schouwstra at
Sun Aug 11 12:24:32 PDT 2002

Simon Geard wrote:
> It's sort of GCC3 related - gtkmm is using some bad C++ code that GCC2
> accepted, but the stricter GCC3 doesn't. Try the attached patch... it's
> for gtkmm-1.2.9, not 1.2.8 that you're using, but you should be able to
> port it easily enough (or just upgrade).
> Basically, the problem is that according to the C++ standard, default
> parameters should only be specified once, in the function declaration.
> The offending code here is specifying it both in the declaration, and in
> the actual function definition (or so I recall - it's been a while since
> I actually created that patch).
> For the record, I believe it's been fixed in the CVS version.
> Simon.
Thanks the patch, this give me something to go on when an error like
that happens
(which is quite a lot actualy, I was almost blaming Gnome2 => When I
installed that the trouble seemed to begin, but now I now better ;-) )

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