shame on me

none none at
Mon Aug 12 05:16:03 PDT 2002

please don't punish me for this question(A)

i need win98:school and counter,sorry

but i want install it to my second dd, i see that with lilo i can start
win i my second dd but the problem is i'm afraid that when i gonna install with,
that will destroy my mbr:the only way i find is to make e boot floppy disk;
can we help me,i thinks it's newbee question,and i imagine how a little make one,
but i'm scared to build a boot "forget ur lfs" floopy.
and i think that is blfs question how make a "good and sure"  boot floppy?

can i use my debian install cd to boot lfs if i lose my mbr?

not very important if someone can say if i can install win in secondary disk,
or i must put my secnary dd in master?

i'm shame...

ps:but if someone have another subjection to install counter and msoffice with wine and not Win,
and which working good!!!!tell me please
i just need counter,exel and counter

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