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Stefan Krah sfk1 at
Mon Aug 12 06:21:33 PDT 2002

* none <none at> wrote:
> but i want install it to my second dd, i see that with lilo i can start
> win i my second dd but the problem is i'm afraid that when i gonna install with,
> that will destroy my mbr:the only way i find is to make e boot floppy disk;

Check floppy for bad blocks:

  /sbin/badblocks -v /dev/fd0 1440

Copy your kernel:

  dd if=/boot/vmlinuz of=/dev/fd0 bs=18k

Specify the root device:

  rdev /dev/fd0 <your_root_partition>

Specify to mount read only (initially):

  rdev -R /dev/fd0 1

Then try to boot with that floppy. It should work if the hdd drivers are
no modules. If it works, you can proceed to install Windows; I have no
idea if the Windows installer lets you install Windows on the 2nd hdd

You can restore an MBR by executing /sbin/lilo, so that shouldn't be
a problem.

Stefan Krah
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