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Mon Aug 12 15:29:14 PDT 2002

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On Montag, 12. August 2002 23:43, Thomas Phipps wrote:
> > By the way, I have the following setting in my lilo.conf:
> > vga=0x0317
> >
> > Changed it to 'normal' with no real success. Same problem, other
> > colours. Perhaps it's something with my video card. Anyone out there
> > running an old but  relyable Voodoo 3 without problems?
> >
> > Bye, Christian
> ok ... try this line instead of the vga=0317
> video=tdfx:1024x768
> {change the mode but not the color depth ... }
Just to make it clear, I set vgat=0x0317 as lilo parameter.
You are talking about a kernerl parameter.

Nevertheless I tried it. I commented every vga entry out in the lilo.conf and 
added your suggeston to the append line for the kernel. Unfortunatelly this 
doesen't solve the problem. I'm still having a punk Tux!

But I like the big resolution at the console. Do you know how I can change the 
display frequency at the console? 60Hz aren't the very good for my eyes. =)

Bye, Christian

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