XFree86 resolution

Oliver Martin oliver.martin at i-one.at
Tue Aug 13 03:02:21 PDT 2002

Jeroen Coumans schrieb:
> On Monday 12 August 2002 19:54, Oliver Martin wrote:
>>Section "Monitor"
>>	Identifier   "Monitor0"
>>	VendorName   "Monitor Vendor"
>>	ModelName    "Monitor Model"
> Specify the hsync and vsync values for your monitor under this section. 
> Something like:
>         VertRefresh     40-60
>         HorizSync       30-120
> Look up the correct values because they can damage your monitor if it's 
> an old one.

I can't, because I don't have any manual and didn't find infos on the 
web for my Siemens Xpert 710. But I don't think incorrect values would 
damage it, when I set the refresh rate too high in Windows, I only get 
an error message.

> Alternatively, you can specify 
> 	Option         "DPMS"
> under this section:
>>Section "Device"

Did you really mean I should put that line into the device section? When 
I ran "XFree86 -configure" the first time, it auto-detected my monitor 
correctly, and inserted that line in the monitor section. It also 
detected the vendor name ("SIE") and the model name ("Xpert 710"). Those 
settings worked fine until I created the .xinitrc file, after that, X 
only came up un plain VGA mode. Even deleting X and all config files and 
  compiling it from a freshly untarred source tree didn't help anything. 
xfree86 -config doesn't autodetect my monitor now, and doesn't insert 
the option dpms line. Inserting it manually didn't work too. What can 
that be?


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