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Declan Moriarty declan.moriarty at
Wed Aug 14 07:59:05 PDT 2002

	I still (blush) have mail on my mandrake system while I'm run off my feet 
here. I am having trouble sending with kppp, kmail, and sendmail as the 

I had a file of 2.1megs to send. I cancelled it after it had sent 6MB! When I 
look at the stats in kppp, I find 
vjcomp in = 0
vjunc in = 0
vjerr =0

On the transmit side, however, I get, vjcomp out and vjunc out as ever 
increasing numbers while I'm sending. Non-vj on the transmit side is always 
fixed at 25 for some reason. It appears to be sending 1kb packets, and 
receiving 500 byte ones. Is this normal, or is my isp an (expletive deleted)?

	Declan Moriarty

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