3d cards

Declan Moriarty declan.moriarty at ntlworld.ie
Wed Aug 14 08:10:00 PDT 2002

	It appears I will have to get one of these. Are there any suggestions as to 
what will work with a slow agp slot as well as a fast one? I know some slots 
do 4x, but my current m/b only does 66 Mhz in the agp slot.

The ones I can get locally are
32MB ATI Rage 128 pro (with tv out)60 euros
64 MB ATI Radion VE (with tv out)  95 euros
	 (HEY! I could get a m/b for that money)
Creative Labs 64MB MX460 175 euros (That's about as much as the whole PC is 
worth :-o)

What should I get? I never looked at these in years.

	Declan Moriarty

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