Mozilla 1.0 & libstdc++2.90.6 & 8, compile errors.

Andy Bennett andyjpb at
Wed Aug 14 08:22:30 PDT 2002


>> I have been trying to install mozilla 1.0, from source, on my LFS-3.3
>> system. One of the dependencies that I need to install is
>> libstdc++2.90. - The mozilla make bombs on string.h IIRC.

> Why exactly do you need that package? Mozilla should compile quite
> happily with the libstdc++ version installed with GCC during the LFS
> build. The usual reason to stuff around with older versions is when
> dealing with binaries compiled against with older GCC versions.

I think that libstdc++2.90 is newer that the library supplied with gcc
The one supplied with gcc 2.95.3 is a version 2 one. 2.90 unpacks as

Thanks for your time.


andyjpb at

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