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Greg Schafer gschafer at
Thu Aug 15 01:43:23 PDT 2002

On Wed, Aug 14, 2002 at 05:07:15PM +0100, Richard A Downing FBCS wrote:
> I'm trying to install Smart Boot Manager (it was mentioned in a recent LFS 
> discussion about boot loaders), but it needs sgml2html to build it's 
> documentation.  I have the same problem with kdevelop.
> Now, I know sgml2html was part of sgmltools, but that isn't maintained 
> anymore, and I can't compile it anyway (gcc3.1.1).  The recommended 
> replacement is sgmltools-lite, but this doesn't contain sgml2html (or 
> sgml2latex which I also need).
> Any ideas on how to proceed?

Quick and dirty fix for sbm. Just edit the makefile to remove the doc
subdir. Docs are on the website anyhow :)

As you're no doubt aware, sbm lives in the mbr. Have a recovery plan
in place (emergency boot/grub/lilo disk or whatever) just in case.

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