Conflicting Directions in BLFS & DRI compilation Guide?

DJ Lucas dj_me at
Thu Aug 15 09:56:21 PDT 2002

Jerry Hoover wrote:
> When compiling the kernel to install direct rendering the blfs book
> reads to ENABLE dri? in the kernel and the DRI compilation Guide site
> reads to DISABLE dri? Whitch one should I go with? I have not yet got
> it running right!
>   I Have gone though and built another lfs from scratch system and am
> about to compile and install the kernal for the first time at the end
> of ch #8 lfs. and would like to compile in the right options the
> first time . I use a radeon 64 mgb vidio card.

If you haven't got this working as of yet, couple of things I found durring
my go at it.  Couple of the modules wouldn't compile (i810 and Sis) so make
install failed.  make -k install worked.  I had to include the agpgart
driver in the kernel...for whatever reason, if I modprobe agpgart, x still
reported agp unavailible till I rebuilt the kernel.  Also, I left The DRI
manager enabled in kernel config.  Unfortunately, everything seems to work
correctly, but the glxinfo and glxgears segfault after displaying the
dispaly name.  However, they would not segfault if DRI init failed...would
give me all kinds of info. :-$.


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