Installing sendmail with the package user hint

Tushar Teredesai tush at
Thu Aug 15 13:44:05 PDT 2002

Guenter Hopf wrote:

>>The problem is that sendmail expects me to do a "chmod go-w /etc 
>>/etc/mail..." which would create problems with using the  package user hint.
>hmmm i dont see the problem...
>what the hint does is:
>  mkdir -p /etc/mail -> /etc/mail should be root:root 0755 (which would
>be ok already)
>  chmod -R o-r /etc/mail &&
>  chown -R root.smmsp /etc/mail -> /etc/mail should be root:smmsp 0750
>is there anything wrong with my thinking??
Ah! Both of us were talking on different topics. By the package user 
hint, I meant the more_control_and_man hint by MSB. My question was "has 
anyone managed to compile sendmail within the confines of that hint?"


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