X starts, but strange screen

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Fri Aug 16 18:48:04 PDT 2002

Cliff McDiarmid wrote:

>I've just finished a new LFS install and moved onto
>X(4.2).   It compiled fine from source and I used the
>same config file from my last install and created
>/root/.xinitrc with:
>xterm  -g 80x40+0+0   &
>xclock -g 100x100-0+0 &
>I'm trying to run it on an Inspiron 8000 at 1400x1050,
>and have before.   When I "startx" I get a screen of
>white and green stripes, with or without the ./xinitrc
>file!   I thought this should be grey without an
>./xinitrc?   The log file shows no errors as far as I
>can see, apart from an error from xterm:
>xterm: fatal IO error 32 (Broken pipe) or KillClient on
>X server ":0.0"
Did you try it with a more conventional resolution such as 1024 x 768? 
 Did you  run:

cd ~
XFree86 -configure 

and test it with:

XFree86 -xf86config ~/XF86Config.new

If you did, what were the results?

  -- Bruce

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