Keyboard input cursor blinks at a stucked position.

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Subject: Keyboard input cursor blinks at a stucked position.

> Hi,
> I recently compiled Mozilla 1.0 on XFree86 4.2.0.
> I'm having a strange annoyance in Mozilla's input fields (ie file dialogs,
> url address bar etc) where the keyboard cursor is stucked at the first
> character's position instead of follow as you type.
> This does not affect typing at all however.   It's just that the cursor
> not blinks at the current character input position.   It keeps blinking at
> the first character's position of every line.   Or keeps blinking at the
> character position I clicked with the mouse.
> Has anyone ever encountered such a problem in Mozilla?
> Sincerely,
> Stanley Yeoh

Yo, this is a bug in gcc 3.1. You can either:

a) upgrade to gcc 3.1.1 or gcc 3.2 (3.1.1 is probably the best decision for
b) recompile gcc 3.1 with the memset patch from Greg's site
c) live with it

Your choice. Have fun.

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