unable to su - in ssh but can at console with pam

Zack Winkles sativa93 at bellsouth.net
Sat Aug 17 11:17:33 PDT 2002

Alan Womack wrote:
> I'm rather stumped about a configuration file issue with pam or ssh or
> that is preventing me from going to root via su - from a ssh'd in client
> (windows via putty)
> I can su - at the console file, so I know it's a config file someplace.
> here is the log entry:
> Aug 17 01:58:29 webby PAM-warn[25166]: function=[pam_sm_authenticate]
> service=[su] terminal=[ttyp1] user=[root] ruser=[Alan] rhost=[<unknown>]
> Aug 17 01:58:30 webby su[25166]: pam_authenticate: Authentication failure
> Aug 17 01:58:30 webby su[25166]: - ttyp1 Alan-root
> I suspect it is related to the rhost=[<unknown>], but I couldn't find
> anything on that one.
> Alan

Yo, if I'm correct in my thinking when you try to su - to root it won't let
you unless the current tty is in /etc/securetty, in this case ttyp1. I don't
know what sort of security issues may be associated with putting an entry
like that in there, but it works (I think).


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