Installing XFree86 4.2: Compile Error & Error when doing "XFree86 -configure"

Xenic xenic at
Sat Aug 17 08:13:35 PDT 2002


I just finished to install my first LFS System. Now I tried to install
XFree86 4.2 using the instructions given in the blfs-book.The first
thing is, that I get an error (something with gzip compression, but
I can't post it here in windows) when doing "make install" if I created
the host.def file before compiling. If don't create this everything seems
to work well. Do I need to worry about that?

The next thing where I got stuck is the "XFree86 -configure" command.
The X-Server shuts down with the following Error:
    "XFree86 has found a valid card configuration.
    Unfortunately the appropriate data has not been
    added to xf86PciInfo.h. Please forward 'scanpci -v'
    output to the XFree86 support team."

    (ufff...had to type this all, couldn't just copy & paste it...)

I think this is because I have a Leadtek GF4 4200 which isn't supported
by the nv driver yet. What other ways exist to get a basic XF86Conifg file?
If I had one I could install the nvidia drivers.

Greets, Xenic

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