Optimizing software

Richard Jenniss RichardJenniss at TelusPlanet.net
Sun Aug 18 12:12:56 PDT 2002

For those speed freaks, who compile their own software.

I've come up with a nice little hack to optimize your software without having to set CFLAGS or CXFLAGS. (:
and it will work with anything you compile.

If somoene has a better way to write this, email me, I'd be glad to hear.

What I've done is
First move gcc to gcc.old

Bash# mv gcc gcc.orig

Then create a new bash script called gcc

bash# echo > gcc << "EOF"
gcc.orig -O3 -march=pentium3 `echo $@ | sed "s/-O2//g" | sed "s/-march=i686//g"`

bash# chmod 755 gcc

Add as many sed's as you'd like. Now any call to gcc with any flags you don't want, you can replace with what you do want (:

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I use GCC 3.1 so -march=pentium3 will not work on you gcc 2.x'ers

Happy hacking,
Richard Jenniss
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