kde and xemacs (not related)

adam bozanich adambozanich at sbcglobal.net
Sun Aug 18 19:22:10 PDT 2002

adam bozanich wrote:

> adam bozanich wrote:
>> 1) found -with-x=no configure option
>  1) works o.k., but when in fluxbox, emacs thinks backspace= ctrl+h?  what
> should I do (i would rellly like to use emacs in fluxbox)

i guess there wasn't too much interest in this string....  well, i figured 
I'd post my emacs solution just incase some time... in the distant 
future... somebody might be searching the blfs archives looking for the how 
to fix the freak'n "backspace = controll-h" bug
Putting this line:
(global-set-key [(control h)] 'delete-backward-char)
in my $HOME/.emacs file fixed the prob.
if anybody has a better solution, maybe they can post it (laugh)
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