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Stelian Iancu nospam at
Mon Aug 19 05:51:54 PDT 2002

Archaic wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 18, 2002 at 05:18:08AM -0700, Michael Corbett wrote:
>>Am I getting in over my head to take this project on?
> Probably. :) But that shouldn't stop you. Some will say install a
> regular distro and learn how to use it first before jumping into LFS. I
> didn't. My only Linux exposure prior to LFS was 3 miserable days with
> Redhat and Mandrake. That's when I started LFS and it's been a year now
> and I still love it. :) Warning! You had better not be afraid of
> reading! Read instructions, read man pages, read basic tutorials on
> and other linux sites. There are some great linux newbie sites
> out there. I'll send you a list of them privately. Also, read the FAQ
> for this site, thoroughly search mail archives before posting a problem,
> etc. People around here are great for helping people out and the more
> it looks like you are trying to figure things out yourself, the more
> people are willing to help.
> If you try it, it will be work. Good luck to you! :)

You can also post that list of sites here, on the newsgroup. I bet there 
are some others who will appreciate that (me for instance)

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