Mouse and keyboard locking up

Chris Schwemmer chris.schwemmer at
Mon Aug 19 10:33:27 PDT 2002

I installed a LFS 20020813, but changed to GCC 3.2 (with the patch to 
disable accumulate-args globally). I compiled everything except kernel, 
gcc, binutils, glibc, gpm and X with -O3 -march=i386 -mcpu=athlon -mmmx 
-m3dnow. Now I noticed that when gpm OR X are running and I press 
numlock the mouse locks up, i.e. it no longer works. If I restart either 
gpm or X after that then the keyboard locks up, too. The kernel log says 
something along the lines of 'keyboard timeout - AT keyboard not 
connected?' or 'unrecognized key code'. This is both with kernel 2.4.18 
and 2.4.19, both with preempt-patch. I didn't have this with Mandrake 
before, neither do I have it when booting from KNOPPIX (where I 
installed from).

System specs:
PS/2 keyboard & mouse, VIA KT133 chipset, Athlon 1GHz processor, 384 

Any suggestions?


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