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Tue Aug 20 04:46:44 PDT 2002

On Sun, 2002-08-18 at 12:34, none wrote:
> hi,
> some news ans some problem,:
> to resume:
> -lfs is on my hda2 with swap on hda1
> the boot disk is working,no probleme
> then i want to install win98se on hdc1,
> i try to boot on cd installer,
> but he say that it can't install on hdc,
> solution:i put off power of dd hda
> and boot again,
> no probleme i can install win98se but i think he write hda(and no hdc) on the partition table.
> then i boo with the  bootdisk imade which root=/dev/hda2
> no probleme,
> i add
> #----hdc----
> other=/dev/hdc1
>        table=/dev/hdc
>        label=win98se
> #----fin----
> on my lilo.conf,
> and i start lilo -v
> no probleme he add all choise of boot.
> however,
> i reboot to try,
> but surprise,
> he can"t boot win98->no control keyboard blocked.
> i suppose there are a conflict betwwen the moment i install win and the moment i  power on my dd hda.
> if somebody can help me,
> i always can't play counter:-)it's hard.
> thanks for all, people.
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> merde m'en rappele plus, tantpis.
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This should help lilo boot win9x from a drive other than hda:

(tried and tested with lilo-22.2)

# /etc/lilo.conf


disk=/dev/hda bios=0x80
disk=/dev/hdb bios=0x81
disk=/dev/hdc bios=0x82
disk=/dev/hdc bios=0x83

( all your lilo.conf here )

	map-drive = 0x80
	       to = 0x82
	map-drive = 0x82
	       to = 0x80

# end lilo.conf

As for installing Win98 onto hdc, the easiest way must be to physically
swap the disks, get 98 installed, and swap them back.

This results in win98 being installed into hdc1, 98's MBR being
installed into hdc, thus lilo and linux left intact.

HTH, Shaun.

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