mysql segfaults

Joe Joe at joe.joe
Wed Aug 21 00:12:36 PDT 2002

I have just finished compiling an LFS system using gcc-3.2, and after a few
other apps (openssl and openssh, wget) I have decided to install mysql. I
compiled it just fine following the books instructions but it is extremely
unstable. For instance on /etc/rc.d/init.d/mysql stop it pauses, fails and

/usr/bin/safe_mysqld: line 273: 198 killed

(this number seems to be the first mysql pid)

it also dumps that line from safe_mysqld. sometimes I get a segfault
instead, and even though the program runs on start it often segfaults if i
log in and change something. HELP! Oh i tried with and without default
optimization. I want to point out again that the rest of my system runs
smoothly despite the new compiler.

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