XFree86 4.2.0 & DRI ?

Jerry Hoover jbhoo at charter.net
Wed Aug 21 11:07:21 PDT 2002

XFree86 4.2.0.Has the DRI drivers built in to it. Why would one wan't to
     install DRI? I've been reading up on both But I can't find any info
on the differences.
<Quote from BLFS book Installing X>
   Section "Module". Remove or comment out some of the modules. The "glx"
and "dri" sections are not operational until we install DRI below.

I use a radeon card and x installed fine I run glxgears and get the
gears. I run glxinfo and it reads "direct rendering yes"
I was just wondering what the diferences were?

PS: The glx & dri modules seem to to operational?
  I get the same readout now  from my XFREE86.log before installing DRI
as the book says I should after the DRI install?

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