Alsa - drives me mad...

Richard Lightman richard at
Wed Aug 21 12:24:59 PDT 2002

* Mark Ellis <mark.uzumati at> [2002-08-21 19:58]:
> Aha, thats where that came from then. I actually meant i had no idea
> what causes the unresolved symbols in modules built with the kernel,
> but ditto for the symlinks, one mystery solved then :) Anyone for
> the symbols ?
I used to get unresolved symbols. I suspect they were always caused
by some carelessness on my part. Here are some of my past mistakes:

Forget to install the modules for a new kernel configuratoin.

Install the modules, but forget the kernel.

Muck up the boot loader, so it runs the old kernel with the new
modules, or the other way arround.

Leave stale modules from the previous kernel configuartion lying

Compile externel modules (like alsa) against the old kernel sources.

I think you could get unresolved symbols by maliciously editing the
kernel .config file to build modules without the things they depend
on. It is possible that someone forgot to mention some dependancy
in the make {old,menu,...}config rules.

The reason I do not get unresolved symbols any more is I use a script
that performs all the steps required to instals a new kernel

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