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Thu Aug 22 07:40:24 PDT 2002

On Thu, 22 Aug 2002, Jeroen Coumans wrote:

> On Thursday 22 August 2002 13:25, Bill Maltby LFS Related wrote:
> > I do have *both* ide-scsi and normal ATAPI support active. Figured
> > there might be something related to that going on. I will investigate
> > someday, when it achieves "critical mass".
> > Bill Maltby
> > billm at
> I like to use both ide-scsi and normal ATAPI too, since cd-ripping takes 
> up lots of kernel processing when used with ide-scsi. With just ide, it 
> takes 2-4%, with scsi, it likes to take as much as 60-70%. Don't know 
> why but it's pretty annoying. I only load ide-scsi when I need to burn 
> a cd, for everything else ide is much better. Too bad this is hard to 
> automatize.

I have a *sneaky* hunch that when I learn how to *really* use the
modules.conf capability (if, else and all that other non-basic stuff) it
will pretty easy. I figure there must be a reason for it - I'm just not
smart enough to know what it is until I have to solve some problem!

But, someday I will get to it. But meanwhile... back at the ranch. Got a
wild hair up my behind!

Good news! Removed the "append=ide-scsi" from the lilo.conf, figuring that
since I have everything as modules and a working modules.conf, maybe it is
not need any more, regardless of the (old?) docs. Ran lilo. Rebooted.

System detected "hdc: AOPEN CD-RW CRW2440, ATAPU CD/DVD=ROM drive".
Well, so far so good. Lsmod show nothing of interest. Now I did a mount of
/dev/hdc on /mnt/cdfs.

Mounted OK. Lsmod shows modules cdrom and ide-cd loaded. Ls -l /mnt/cdfs

Umounted and tried mounting of /dev/sr0 on /mnt/cdfs. Failed. But that's
OK. I suspect it is because the ide modules are still loaded.

So, I rmmod ide-cd and cdrom and try it again.

Mount worked and lsmod shows scsi_mod, cdrom, sr_mod and ide-scsi all
loaded just fine! Ls -l /mnt/cdfs worked just fine!

Summary: If your stuff related to CD is modularized and the modules.conf
is properly constructed, you can have the best of both worlds with a
simple script that does unload of appropriate modules before calling the
command of interest (mount, cdrecord...). Remove the "append hdX=ide-scsi"
from your boot parameters as it is no longer required.

See other parts of this thread for some different ways to set up you

HTH, Jeroen.

> Groeten/Greetings
> Jeroen Coumans

Bill Maltby
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