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Bill Maltby LFS Related lfsbill at
Thu Aug 22 07:54:20 PDT 2002

For folks like me, who depend on docs, a couple of notes regarding CDs.

Regardless of the CD docs of various types always mentioning only iso-9660
file systems in relation to CDs, be aware that *any* supported FS type can
be put on CDs. I personally use both iso-9660 and ext2 on mine. I recall
no place highlighting this nice feature.

Also, they do *not* have to contain file systems! You *can* treat them
just like floppies - put a tar or cpio (my preference) file directly to it
and later read that *without* mounting the CD! Your level of expertise
will affect your success, but it is straight-forward and *not* complex if
you have basic understanding of Linux utilities usage. Be not afraid.

'Course, learning is *cheaper*, but slower if you have RW, not just R

For those, who like Jeroen and myself who "want it all", be aware that if
you modularize your CD-R(W) stuff, you *can* have the reduced overhead of
ide-cd and the capability of cdrecord, et al. To do this (at my current
level of knowledge) remove the "append hdX=ide-scsi" from your kernel
parameters and make an appropriate modules.conf and a script that
*unloads* modules when switching from ide-cd to ide-scsi or the other way
around. The "append..." is *not* required if the modules can be
successfully loaded!

Look for some threads in the archive regarding CD for some various
modules.conf configurations and CD general stuff.

Well, I *don't* know if this should be posted, but I have a hunch it may
be useful to some.

Bill Maltby
lfsbill at

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