getting APM going properly

Alan Womack arwbackup at
Thu Aug 22 08:39:45 PDT 2002

> > shutdown -r now shuts down to the point where the console informs you
> it is rebooting. It never reboots, it hangs there.  poweroff stops the
> system and hangs at the powering down, it takes a hard reset or manual
> poweroff.
> Amptron 9100C motherboard which dmesg tells me version 1.2 APM

>> Just as a side note (I don't know if there is a fix or not), the mobo
you mentioned is crap for apm. I had Win2k on one and it looked like
Win95 when I shut it down giving the "It's now safe to shut off your
computer" message. A registry hack fixed it, but it's been too long ago
to remember what that hack was. There may be one for Linux as well.
Maybe search the lkml archives?

No joy over there, very little on amptron in general.  Also have done extensive searching on google groups but don't come up with anything.  Either it works for most people or linux is rare on this board.

Is it safe to enable some BIOS based options?

e.g. screen blanking at least.  My LFS only blacks the screen, it doesn't cause it to go to monitor standby mode, a difference of a few watts on my monitor.

I suppose I will try HDPARM with my fujitsu drives to see if I can get them to spin down at night.
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