Need help with CD burner

Richard Lightman richard at
Thu Aug 22 11:53:21 PDT 2002

* Jeroen Coumans <jeroencoumans at> [2002-08-22 18:37]:
> Ollright, I'm investigating it right now. Preferebly, it would be nice 
> to have two devices setup for cdrom: /dev/cdrom and /dev/cdwriter. Any 
> calls to /dev/cdwriter automagically load the scsi modules (and would 
> unload ide-cd since they conflict - I just tried) and vice-versa. Then 
> it would be a simple matter of pointing programs to the correct 
> devices. I'm using devfs but not devfsd. Anybody know enough of 
> /etc/modules.conf to set this up without devfsd? I tried 
> probeall /dev/cdrom ide-cd cdrom
> probeall /dev/cdwriter ide-scsi sg sr_mod cdrom
> but it doesn't seem to work w/o devfsd. Right now I'm using:
> alias cdwriter ide-scsi
> above ide-scsi sg sr_mod cdrom
> above cdrom ide-cd
> And before loading a program either modprobe cdwriter or cdrom.
I think you are going to need devsfd, and you will have fun getting
this to work with a DVDROM and a CDRW (a common situation as this is
cheaper than a device that does both. You may find it easier to
configure you programs to work with /dev/scsi/.../sg and 
/dev/ide/.../cd, as these files appear and disappear with modules.
I am not so sure about what the symlinks do.

The idea is that when a process tries to access something that is not
in devfs, the kernel suspends the process, communicates with devfsd,
which uses modprobe to load the right modules, and then tells the
kernel to restart the process.

The critical line in /etc/devfsd.conf to make this work is:

LOOKUP          .*              MODLOAD

This starts modprobe, but has it read an extra file first
(/etc/modules.devfs). There are some useful things in there, but
they do not know about your hardware, so you have to add things
like: "alias scsi_hostadapter module_for_your_scsi_card" to

You could try using pre-install in /etc/modules.conf to rmmod
the ide driver, before loading the sr_mod, but this is not
going to work if the DVD is mounted.

I am beginning to get the hang of /etc/modules.conf. One of the
things  I have found is that sometimes a setting that looks
right according to all the documentation just does not work.
You just have to try something else.

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