problem with special keys in lfs-cvs (home, end, F1...)

DJ Lucas dj_me at
Thu Aug 22 12:34:41 PDT 2002

Daniel Balsiger wrote:
> hi there
> I have a running LFS 3.3 and I'm really happy with it.
> I have an /etc/inputrc file and all keys work as I want them to work.
> so far so good...
> Now I wanted install a LFS-CVS (cause of gcc-3.1).
> everything worked well until I booted the new LFS.
> Now some special keys like home, end, pg-up/down and F1 to F12
> don't work at all (they seem to be dead).
> I have the same /etc/inputrc as in the old System.
> (which is pretty similar to the one from BLFS).
> maybe someone knows where I missed something or where I did the
> mistake or what I can do to get these keys working...
> I really want this keys to work.
> thank you in advance
> Daniel

We have yet to have a definative answer for the cause of this problem as it
has only been seen by 4 people (yourself included) who have posted.  Looks
like the easiest fix is a kernel re-compile after your first boot has fixed
it for the other two who had this prob.  I just rebuilt and ofcourse it went
away.  Try and build a new kernel, your old config file should be fine.
I'm really curious if this fixes it as it has in the past....more than if it
fixes it....why it fixes it!


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